Architects Tician Papachristou and Daniel Havekost are recognized masters of Usonian architecture.
“Usonian is based on (Frank Lloyd) Wright’s concept of naturalism. Each architectural project is seen as having a
“natural” solution derived from its function and site. The influence of traditional Japanese architecture is also seen
in the Usonian style.” (1) The Usonian stye was very influential in mid-20th century American architecture and of
interest to architecture historians today.
The Wallbank/Parker House is an excellent example of the Usonian style and exhibits many of the
defining characteristics. The buillding is horizontally oriented with a low pitched gable roof and overhanging
eaves.There is a Cubist conception of the building’s volumes. Extensive use of brick and mahogany flows from the
exterior to the interior. Ribbon windows across the front/street side of the home provide natural light into the
bedrooms while also providing privacy. Walls of glass set in solid mahogany frames along with corner windows at
the rear of the home diminish the separation of indoor and outdoor spaces. Highly articulated geometric masonry
work with horizontally raked mortar is prevalent throughout the home and the landscape. The Japanese influence is
expressed in the water feature at the front entrance courtyard.
b. This house is representative of the work of Tician Papachristou, an internationally known modernist
architect and author, who began his career in Colorado. After getting his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from
Princeton, he apprenticed with James M. Hunter in Boulder. Papachristou then opened his own practice in 1956
where he designed solo and collaborated with Charles Haertling and Daniel Havekost on several residences in
Boulder and Denver. During this time, he taught design at the University of Colorado (1958-1962) and assisted
I.M. Pei with research for the location and design of NCAR. Upon the recommendation of I.M. Pei, Papachristou
was hired by master Bauhaus architect, Marcel Breuer, and left Colorado for New York. In 1970, Papachristou
authored “Marcel Breuer: New Buildings and Projects.”
Papachristou’s work is influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and the island architecture of his
native Greece. Other examples of his outstanding local modernist residences:
 Sampson House – 1900 King Street, Boulder (1958)
 Sirotkin House – 575 Euclid Avenue, Boulder (1959)
 Jessor House – 595 Euclid Avenue, Boulder (1959)
 Koin House – 14 Cherry Lane Drive, Cherry Hills Village (1962 w/ Charles Haertling)