EUGENE G. GROVES (1882-1967) Eugene G. Groves was born in Dana, Indiana and educated at Harvardafter winning a national design contest. He began practicing in New York,but came to Denver in 1914 to seek a treatment for his poor health.He had an active regional practice for over five decades.Groves utilized many styles throughout his career includingModern style, Renaissance Revival, and Colonial Revival,however his experimentation combining styles is perhaps whatmakes him so significant. During the 1930s, Groves constructedseveral concrete houses in Denver, experimenting with poured, cast,and reinforced concrete. He even patented his own techniqueutilizing precast concrete studs and beams supportingconcrete slab floors and concrete stucco over wire mesh walls.Eliminating the need for woodwork in the framing allowed fora virtually fireproof building. Several of his houses also haveinterior cabinets, counters, seating, and bed frames formed fromconcrete. Groves even created his own company, the Concrete Corporation,in 1936 to erect buildings using his patented concrete construction methods.Groves designed nineteen buildings on the campus of Colorado State University,and has more than a dozen building across the state on historic registers. Source: Historic Denver Resources, Colorado Architects