L. Gale Abels (1927-1995)

b. Sutherland, Iowa, Aug. 18, 27, d. 1995
Educ: B.Arch, Univ. Minn, ’50; M.Arch, Harvard, ’52.
Pres. Firm: L. Gale Abels & Assocs

Though Abels was active for many years in Boulder, there is not a lot of biographical information electronically available.
He studied at Minnesota under Walter Gropius.
After Harvard for Grad School, he worked for Ero Saarinen from about 1954 until his move to the Denver Boulder area in 1958.
He was President of his firm in Boulder:
L. Gale Abels & Assocs, 1226 Pennsylvania, Boulder, Colo. 80302.

Among his Colorado projects are:
his own house in N. Boulder Park,
the Meinenger’s on the Hill in Boulder,
Aero Associates at Rocky Mtn Airport.

In this 1955 photo, Abels can be seen consulting with President Martin Neeb of Concordia Senior College in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on the construction of new facilities there.